Elevate is software used by designers world-wide to select the number, size and speed of elevators for all types of new buildings. Elevate can also be used to demonstrate that modernizing an existing elevator installation will improve service for passengers.

Elevate’s features include

    • Analysis of elevator performance in offices, hotels, hospitals, shopping centres, residential buildings, car parks, mixed use buildings, airports, public buildings, sports and leisure complexes, schools and colleges.

    • This is achieved by techniques ranging from up peak round trip time calculations through to full dynamic simulation.

    • Dynamic simulation incorporating a graphical display of elevators responding to passenger calls. For your clients, this provides a convincing visual demonstration of your proposals.

    • An easy to use Windows interface. Enter basic information for a quick analysis or comprehensive data for a detailed model.

    • In addition to standard reports, transfer input data and results to Microsoft Excel at the click of a button. Excel reports also include extensive additional analysis results.

    • Supplied with a fully comprehensive help system and user support.

Elevate is also an excellent tool for developing, testing, and demonstrating your own control systems.

For a comparison between Elevate™ and Elevate™ Express, please see the detailed feature list.