Elevate Express
Analysis Data    

Up peak analysis - assumes all people arrive at the ground floor, calculates handling capacity and interval

Enhanced up peak analysis - like up peak, but you specify the target handling capacity

General analysis - people can arrive at any floor - calculate up peak, two way, basement service and more!


General analysis for double deck elevators all traffic flows, but with double deck elevators


Simulation - models the whole process of people being transported by the elevators


Selection of control systems including conventional and destination dispatch


Use Elevate to implement, test and demonstrate your own dispatcher algorithms with simulation


Select Metric or U.S. (imperial) units

Building Data



Enter floor name and floor level, up to 100 floors served per group

Express zones

Elevator Data



Enter number of elevators, maximum 12 per group

Enter any capacity or select from standard sizes

Enter door times, or allow Elevate to choose automatically based on capacity

Enter any speed or select from standard speeds

Enter any acceleration and jerk rate or allow Elevate to choose based on speed

SELECT and SPECIFY features to help you analyse many different configurations in single run

Report options to automatically reject results that do not meet your criteria

Option for elevators in a group not to serve the same floors, e.g. basement service by only part of the group


Option for elevators to be specified individually, e.g. different sizes and speeds in the same group


Passenger Data



Enter passenger loading and unloading times

Enter passenger mass

Enter capacity factor

Enter length of simulation run

Enter stair factor

Enter floor population

Passengers may arrive at any floor


Passengers may arrive at ground (lowest) floor only


Option to mix traffic types, for example passengers, goods, porter with trolley


Option to change intensity of traffic by time of day


Tools to assist fast entry of common traffic flows


Option to provide Elevate with a list of passengers, and define each passenger individually

Printed Output



Summary of data entered and results calculated - includes your job titles, company name and logo

Select toolbar button to transfer the data and results to Excel (if installed on your computer)


Maintenance and support



Support - telephone, fax and email support included from date of purchase for:

1 year

90 days

Maintenance - upgrades issued to the software provided at no additional charge, from date of purchase for:

1 year

90 days

Option to renew maintenance and support with Peters Research Ltd at end of free period

Option to purchase future upgrades from Elevator World

Available Formats



Software and manual available for download from internet

Software provided on CD with printed manual


Activating Elevate



When you purchase, we provide a key to unlock the software on your computer (plugs into USB port)


When you have purchased, we provide an unlocking code which unlocks the software on your computer


* indicates for up peak only