Elevate's unrivalled features and ease of use have made it the de-facto standard for elevator planning software.
Simon Russett, Principal, Hoare Lea Lift Engineering

Elevate is without a doubt the best publicly available software system for elevator traffic analysis and dispatcher performance evaluations. Its many options, animation, and ability to model a wide range of building conditions make it superior to most proprietary systems developed for internal use by elevator suppliers. The mathematical modelling underlying the software has solid technical integrity. I have found Elevate extremely useful in modernization applications in which the customer requires a solid estimate of performance improvement of a proposed new dispatch system. The new user may find Elevate difficult to use, but this concern is quickly put to rest with a training class and a little experimentation. Finally, I have found the customer support from Dr. Peters to be prompt and thorough. Try Elevate … you’ll like it!
Dr. Bruce A. Powell - President, The Bruce Powell Company, Inc.

Richard, I want to offer my thanks for your support in assisting us in the use of the 'Elevate' Simulation program. Your assistance in helping us reinstall the program for use is appreciated. As you know, I have had numerous conversations with Bob Caporali of Elevator World discussing the merits of 'Elevate'. Overall we (Syska & Hennessy) are extremely pleased with the results that we have had using 'Elevate'. We have found the program easy to use and believe that the different analysis profiles allow us to provide our clients with the information they need to make an intelligent decision when it comes to the 'Vertical Transportation' needs of their project. I have had success in using 'Elevate' for many new buildings, and I have found that I can use it for modernization projects when I want to present to the client simulation studies and profiles of their building using real time population and data. I look forward to further incorporating 'Elevate' into our client presentation packages and I believe that 'Elevate' will allow us to provide the best solutions and alternatives for our clients' needs. I am excited to hear that you are coming our with some enhancements early this year that will no doubt insure that 'Elevate' is the premier software program for analyzing and solving vertical transportation needs.
Very truly yours,
John R. Moran III, Vertical Transportation Group, SYSKA & HENNESSY, INC., ENGINEERS

We are using the program and the assistance it provides us in satisfying our clients is great.
Roy Porta JSG Elevator Consultants, LLC

I first came across Elevate few years ago during an International Congress on Elevator Technologies (Elevcon), in Barcelona if I remembered correctly. I then ordered two copies for trial running. Over the years, my final year project students made use of the software package to simulate different lift systems and lift control strategies. They got satisfactory results and graduated accordingly. Three years ago, I developed the concept of "dynamic zoning" for intelligent supervisory control and tested it with a simple computational process. A paper was presented in one Elevcon and later published in Elevator World. In early 2000, I started to test the "dynamic zoning" algorithm using the Elevate to simulate a normal system and found that results were extremely helpful. The paper with full details will soon be published in the CIBSE's official journal, Building Services Engineering, Research & Technology. My experiences with Elevator can be concluded in four main aspects.
1. It is very user-friendly. It only takes minutes to teach a lift engineer to work on it and produce useful data and results.
2. It is improving day by day due to the effort of Richard Peters so that more and more control algorithms on the market are included into the software package. In this way, the coverage of the simulation will be very broad.
3. The software seems to gain reputation in the industry as Elevator World, the leading journal in the industry, is willing to promote it and get involved in the sales.
4. Richard is willing to tailor make routines for special applications and that is very distinctive from other packages. Think about the almost impossible chance to add a new feature in Microsoft Word by sending a request to Seattle.
Best regards,
Dr Albert So, City University of Hong Kong 

Just a quick note to say how pleased we are with the latest version of Elevate, we have found the program although very powerful tool it is extremely user friendly and the user manual supplied gives expert guidance and case studies.
We have used Elevate for complex new high-rise projects as well as modernisations, where we have been able to simulate what the effects on the building will be during the phased modernisation processes and also what will be the improvement when all lifts have been modernised.
Because of all these positive features of the program we have now issued Elevate as the preferred lift traffic program to all offices of Ove Arup & Partners International Ltd on a World-wide basis.
Roger Howkins, Ove Arup & Partners International

I have used Elevate software and found it a very powerful tool for simulating lift systems. In particular, it has the following features:
1. Stair factor allowance.
2. Comprehensive probabilistic matrix for passenger origins and destinations; this allows the simulation of virtually any type of traffic pattern.
3. Allowance for different sizes and speeds of lifts within the same group.
4. Ability to use different types of control algorithms; this allows the comparison of different types of control group systems.
5. Ability to calculate the maximum and average journey times.
These features make it a vital tool for any serious lift system simulation work.
Dr Lutfi Al-Sharif, Al-Sharif VTC

I have had Elevate for over 12 months now and have found it to be an excellent and useful tool.
John Thomson, Thomson Elevator Consultancy Services

We've been running Elevate for a number of years and think it's great. 
Jon Williams, Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner

It [Elevate] is likely to become the industry standard for the 21st Century. 
Dr Gina Barney, Gina Barney Associates